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Paperlike iPad Screen Protector Review

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What is Paperlike?

Essentially it's a matte anti-glare screen protector made for various iPad models. So if you enjoy writing or sketching and miss that paper feeling instead of glass, you should check out the Paperlike iPad Screen Protector. Featuring Nanodots technology, which makes the Apple Pencil vibrate so slightly and enhances the viewing experience.


I made an order containing Paperlike Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9" (for myself), iPad Pro 11" (for my fiancé) and iPad Pro 10.5" (for a friend). It arrived relatively quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging quality. Took the protectors out and followed the official guide on installing them.


Unfortunately, after applying mine on the iPad Pro 12.9", I noticed that it had some deformation, a smudge on the middle of the protector that seemed like it lacked a matte and anti-glare finish. Rather annoying, I immediately removed it (since you get two protectors in the package) and applied a second one. Little did I know that these protectors get scratched very easily. I used the iPad with Apple Pencil for roughly about three days, and it grazed heavily. I did not put much pressure on it; it was mostly shading. Right about then, I asked for an order replacement. They were swift and kind enough to send another package to the address. Upon arrival, I put it in a drawer and waited eight months to ruin the old protector before replacing it with a new one. Today was the day I applied the new one, and it also has a smudge on the screen, but smaller than the defective one. I know it will scratch again, but I am not using the tablet as often as I did in the past.


Would I recommend this product to anyone? Unfortunately, no. Just because it scratches so quickly, it's not worth the price. I do not care about the paper-like feeling, and it seems to ruin screen colors anyway, just like every other matte screen protector. Also, I had to purchase additional Apple Pencil Tips, as the protector makes the tips sharp and then it scratches the protector much deeper.