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Dribbble Pro Discount Scam

2 min read

Every year, companies extend various discounts to their valued members, typically during key occasions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and special anniversary celebrations.

While I eagerly anticipate these opportunities to acquire beneficial items for personal and business use, the recent influx of purported discount offers from Dribbble has raised concerns. It is imperative to shed light on what appears to be a deceptive discount strategy employed by Dribbble, in order to caution those who may be unaware of the potential pitfalls associated with their promotional schemes.

Dribbble Cyber Monday Deal
Screenshot of their email notification

At first glance, the offer may seem appealing, prompting the question: "What's the issue?" However, upon clicking the call-to-action to claim the discount and navigating to the checkout page, one is confronted with perplexing calculations that demand clarification.

Dribbble Upgrade to Pro - Checkout Page

Foremost among the concerns is the perpetual promotion of the "$5 a month" rate for annual subscriptions, masquerading as a regular discounted price. Despite being marketed as a 40% discount on their landing page, the truth is that this rate has always been consistently $5 USD for first time subscribers.

Upon closer examination of the purported 70% discount, the persistent $5 per month charge for annual billing raises eyebrows. Delving into the intricacies of the presented image, one encounters dubious elements such as the contrived initial price, fictitious subtotal, spurious annual discount, and an additional discount, all culminating in an annual cost of $60.

To summarize:

  • Initial price is just a normal price for recurring membership
  • Subtotal is fake
  • Annual discount is fake
  • Additional discount is always ~40% for first time subscribers

Do not fall for this Dribbble Pro - Upgrade discount scam. It's never discounted and it's not worth paying.
You won't be any better designer than you are, if you pay for Dribbble Pro membership, and it won't lead to more job opportunities, more views or more likes either.